The Success Sutra: An Indian Approach to Wealth By Devdutt Pattanaik

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The Success Sutra

The success sutra is packed with distinctive and profound insights into however people will produce wealth and reach success in life by following indian principles of strategic thinking and decision-making.

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most kinsmen hunger when material resource and success. there square measure any variety of management books which offer theories and techniques on a way to become made and eminent. all of them advise us to chase Lakshmi, the god of wealth, so as to create her our own. however the indian approach to prosperity and fulfilment warns against the relentless pursuit of the god, writes noted thinker and expert devdutt pattanaik, because it can lead to conflict. rather, we’ve got to allow so as to induce, we’ve got to satisfy the hunger of others so as to satisfy our own. if we tend to learn and practise this basic truth, Lakshmi can enter our homes and our lives.

derived from his acclaimed bestseller business Sanskrit literature, this book is crammed with lessons and insights into management, business and also the creation of wealth and success.


by devdutt pattanaik, the author of over a dozen bestselling books on mythology and management, leading editorialist for business newspapers and one in every of the country’s foremost psychological feature speakers.

This book takes a sensible and distinctive consider wealth and the way to attain success in life, victimisation stories, symbols and rituals from hindu, faith and buddhist mythologies.

devdutt pattanaik hosted wide common television show business Sanskrit literature on cnbc. his TED speak on mythology and management received over 8, 10,000+ hits on-line.

the success Sanskrit literature carries artistic and informative illustrations by the author that elaborate the ideas being mentioned.

plenty of perceptive anecdotes and samples of folks from all walks of life that readers will relate to.

booklets with excerpts, business cards, posters and an in depth tour by the author to prime management institutes, business colleges and leading firms as a part of the selling attempt to promote the book.

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